Friday, March 18, 2011

Split Personalities

...and other engines of metamorphoses
He heard a voice none else could hear
From centred and from errant sphere.


  1. Fliess nevertheless was more than a mere audience and criticist of Freud's ideas - he himself had ambitious scientific contributions that asked for Freud's confirmation. Fliess is the author of a theory on reflex nasal neuroses, including bisexuality and the theory of vital periodicity. This latter theory - a kind of biorhythmology - stated that all vital processes (pathological ones included) are developed in a cycle lasting 28 days in women, and 23 days in men.

    I wonder how long ago it was that the earth had a 23 day orbit... vice today... or yesterday.

  2. I need to go out and buy a better USO for my hypothalmus Otherwise, who knows the next time I'll get my "meds".

  3. Like I said, it may work for Pavlov's dog.

  4. You don't think it could also work for a "self-mover"? ;)

    I suspect that he could transform into a swan at will...

    ...but he'd have to overcome his hihilism, first.

  5. lol! I love Freud. ;)

    erratum - nihilism (above).

  6. If only the dog knew how to ring his bell...

    That would be some Sirius dog.

  7. erratum - nihilism


    If only the dog knew how to ring his bell...

    It may you know. Only it may need some 'application'.

  8. Being of two minds, I'll agree.

  9. ....for wise men are often proven fools.

  10. btw - "Being There" was on television again last night. I didn't watch the whole thing, but I watched enough to scratch an old itch.

  11. Cross any Rubicon's today? The army's not in danger until the river's in your rear. Will it be "worth the wager"? Artwork achieved or both Ego and artwork raped and defeated. You may be willing to chance the one, Pygmalion, but do you dare wager BOTH loves? Over and AGAIN?

  12. Can anyone keep up with you, but yourself?


  13. More Dioscuri arrive...

    ...before the muse plays another swansong