Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Path to Ignomy

Well... give the men a few minutes more, Sergeant...

The Faithful Hussar (Translated)

A faithful soldier, without fear,
He loved his girl for one whole year,
For one whole year and longer yet,
His love for her, he'd ne'er forget.

This youth to foreign land did roam,
While his true love, fell ill at home.
Sick unto death, she no one heard.
Three days and nights she spoke no word.

And when the youth received the news,
That his dear love, her life may lose,
He left his place and all he had,
To see his love, went this young lad...

He took her in his arms to hold,
She was not warm, forever cold.
Oh quick, oh quick, bring light to me,
Else my love dies, no one will see...

Pallbearers we need two times three,
Six farmhands they are so heavy.
It must be six of soldiers brave,
To carry my love to her grave.

A long black coat, I must now wear.
A sorrow great, is what I bear.
A sorrow great and so much more,
My grief it will end nevermore.


  1. She's dead, yet the Hussar mourns 'til the soldiers return to the front...

  2. Are you indifferent to me? Hostile? What?

  3. Not indifferent, but increasingly detached.

    I think I may be getting over my "hanged man" phase of spiritual development. It's time to move on.

  4. It seems my purpose in life to be a thing to detach from. Detach detach detach

  5. Growth is a good thing. I see it more as win-win.

  6. A hand taken... and not an effort wasted.