Thursday, February 3, 2011

Am I Flying on Autopilot?



  1. nope, you war-mongering soul-plundering ass-tards don't fly, you pilot drones to kill iraqi children and spread the empire all over this desecrated planet. give up your propaghanda you fascist...

    smooches, from an old friend..

  2. lol! Drones are your hero Barrack Obama's favorite weapon! Just look in a mirror. ;-)

  3. How can one live without being partially on auto-pilot?

  4. I suppose the point being that unless you occassionally review those portions of your life that ARE on auto-pilot and not subject to your immediate conscious attention, you don't recognize the elements within them that may be deficient... perhaps not for yourself, but for others.

  5. Good point.
    Gotta do that, H.I.
    Can't stay locked in your head ALL the time.

    It's not just men who are guilty of flying on auto-pilot, by the way.

  6. Gotta do that, H.I.
    That's a quote from Raising Arizona, one of the sillier Coen brother's movies.
    It is my goal to turn you into a Coen fan.

  7. ...another movie I haven't seen. As you can probably tell, I don't watch a lot of movies.

  8. We all need those occassionally. The wife and I try and get out at least once a month and do something together. Last night we went and saw "Jersey Boys" at the Hippydome.

    I wonder if this is an auto-pilotted function, too... :(

  9. For the time being, Netflix is our Hippydome. ;-)

    I know what you's so easy to let things become routine and forget WHY we're really doing them.

    Sometimes it takes an effort to get out of that comfort zone, to do things differently, to be spontaneous. i.e. cheeseburgers and beer instead of previously planned high-end restaurant, or coffee and dessert instead of...whatever. Things that put us face to face and open up conversation.

    But really, I think what robs us of experiencing each other is that we aren't really present, even when we're together. (Speaking for myself, here.) It doesn't matter what I'm doing or who I'm with. If I'm not focusing on that moment, and that person...then it's just filed away and not really experienced.

  10. Focusing on the moment... yep. I think you nailed it. That's usually what is missing. :)

  11. Focusing on the moment is something all parties to the experience need to do. If anyone is someplace else... forget it. It likely never happened.