Sunday, December 26, 2010

Going In Over my Head

“I teach you the Overman. Man is something that is to be surpassed. What have ye done to surpass man?” -Nietzsche


  1. So much of our popular culture is centered around the concept of "authenticity"... people wanting to simply be "happy" with who and what they are. Unfortunately, this is the antithesis of the Greek ideal, of "refining" and "perfecting" one's-self. For in order to believe in the Greek ideal, you'd have to believe that there actually was a "better" and/or "more perfect" way of being. And this, many modern people would say, is "elitist" and/or "racist"... and "modernity" is ALL about the greatness of "the common man".

    So we still "revere" the "common man" but strive for a "natural uniqueness".

    Well I hate to break it to the "moderns" but uniqueness and exceptionalism is the "antithesis" of common. It takes a lot of practice, hard work and desire to "rise above" commonality and become "exceptional," something "worthy" of emulation.

  2. So we still "revere" the "common man" but strive for a "natural uniqueness".

    I have to wonder if we still strive for a natural uniqueness. There's such a push to just be a cog in the wheel. I've fallen prey to it lately.
    I've bought into the idea that we truly aren't exceptional and are all fated to do mind-numbingly boring things until death.
    I'm trying to see that not only is there SOME uniqueness in us naturally, but there is IMMENSE ability to increase that uniquenss, if I take that opportunity.
    I don't see it as noble to ignore my passions and NOT further myself.

  3. Well, I'd have to say that you are somewhat un-common in your attitude. Most people disdain others with "ambitions" and are satisfied in getting a tattoo or a piercing to express their "uniqueness" in one of the more "common" "physical" manifestations of individuality.

    People just don't seem to want to apply themselves anymore. And if they don't have some "natural" talent to exploit, content themselves with being "just whoever they are" presently.

  4. If one wants to be unique (physically), she'd NOT get a tattoo or piercing, nowdays. ;-)

    There are too few personal mentors, heck, even parents who will inspire their own children to better themselves.
    We can (and DO) have a HUGE impact on the people in our lives who watch us, observe us, when we move forward and avoid complacency.

    I've changed a LOT in the past year or so, thanks in large part to some of my most inspiring Friends. :-)

  5. I agree with the lack of mentoring/guidance. The culture has become "maternalistically" toxic, treating everyone like children instead of forcing people to step forward and assume responsibility for the future. With heavy rates of taxation comes an expectation (and political promises) of the government solving every problem. But the government's NOT going to raise our children and help our neighbors shovel their walk. That's something only WE can do.

    I guess we're among the fortunate