Thursday, January 27, 2011

Surrealistic Impressions

Undermining waking logic and conventional systematic thinking...?


  1. A beautiful song, a beautiful idea.
    "Glory to the shining remover of darkness".

    My dreams have been surreal lately, Joe.
    I hope yours have, too.

  2. My dreams are always surreal... but removing the darkness is something I need to keep working on. ;)

  3. I don't know that we can remove the darkness, can we?

    Maybe instead...increase the light?

    I know...just a matter of perspective.

  4. Emerson, "Beauty"

    ...He heard a voice none else could hear
    From centred and from errant sphere.
    The quaking earth did quake in rhyme,
    Seas ebbed and flowed in epic chime.
    In dens of passion, and pits of wo,
    He saw strong Eros struggling through,
    To sun the dark and solve the curse,
    And beam to the bounds of the universe.
    While thus to love he gave his days
    In loyal worship, scorning praise,
    How spread their lures for him, in vain,
    Thieving Ambition and paltering Gain!
    He thought it happier to be dead,
    To die for Beauty, than live for bread.