Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mass Emoticonal Transference


  1. hmm. What's your theory here?

  2. Just keepin' the masses on the same wavelengths...

  3. Keepin' the herd in a shared communal experience w/piped in artificial feelings. Addicting, ain't it?

  4. Oh yeah.
    Fake is good.
    Artificial is best.
    Bigger better harder faster faker.

  5. It's a Brave New World. Got some Soma? We can take some and then run out to the feelies.

  6. It could almost make you wax reminiscent for the old "patriarchy".

  7. I don't really know what you're getting at here. I can guess. But my guess is usually pretty dark and cynical.
    I always hope I'm wrong.
    Are you saying that all of THIS is fake and artificial?
    Which part is fake and which part isn't?
    Is it REAL when you dominate in a fatherly manner? (not being sarcastic)
    Is that your genuine feeling?
    What's your implication here?
    What do you think I'm feeling?
    I'm curious to know.

  8. Pretty dark and cynical? I'm not the one who thinks that the so-called "patriarchy" is something evil. I think Western women have done DAMN WELL by it.

    I'm saying that the media is fake and artificial and that it serves as a substitute and palliative for all civilized humanities instinctive emotional needs to keep people "passive". You saw the piece on Bernay's that I posted at NG's place. What do YOU think, is the charge valid or not?

  9. My implication is that the internet is either an extension of Bernay's pogrom or its' the solution to it. Getting people to realize just how manipulated they are might just open their eyes up enough to turn all the damn gadgets OFF.

  10. Pretty dark and cynical? I'm not the one who thinks that the so-called "patriarchy" is something evil. I think Western women have done DAMN WELL by it.
    Why do you perseverate on this? I don't think that the patriarchy is all evil. Parts are. Parts of feminism are, too.

    I agree that the media is fake.

    Is the internet an extension or a solution? It depends on how it's used, I suppose.

  11. My son, like many young people, spends all all his spare internet time "gaming". IMO, there's something strange and wrong with that... avoiding life and contact with real people. I guess I really shouldn't complain, he has a job as a "game tester" at a company that performs compatibility testing. But he seldom comes out into the sunlight.

    As a parent in the early 80's, we were constantly being admonished to ensure that our children became "computer literate". I saved my second two kids from the horrors, but I think I lost my first born to the digital world.

    Thus far, I don't believe that computers and the net have been properly used.

  12. Heaven knows, we did little to forsee the problem and/or supervise our kids on-line time.