Monday, August 30, 2010

The Unrepressed Dream... ;-) search of the imaginary cause/ meaning.

Plato, "Meno"
SOCRATES: You would not wonder if you had ever observed the images of Daedalus (Compare Euthyphro); but perhaps you have not got them in your country?

MENO: What have they to do with the question?

SOCRATES: Because they require to be fastened in order to keep them, and if they are not fastened they will play truant and run away.

MENO: Well, what of that?

SOCRATES: I mean to say that they are not very valuable possessions if they are at liberty, for they will walk off like runaway slaves; but when fastened, they are of great value, for they are really beautiful works of art. Now this is an illustration of the nature of true opinions: while they abide with us they are beautiful and fruitful, but they run away out of the human soul, and do not remain long, and therefore they are not of much value until they are fastened by the tie of the cause; and this fastening of them, friend Meno, is recollection, as you and I have agreed to call it. But when they are bound, in the first place, they have the nature of knowledge; and, in the second place, they are abiding. And this is why knowledge is more honourable and excellent than true opinion, because fastened by a chain.

MENO: What you are saying, Socrates, seems to be very like the truth.

SOCRATES: I too speak rather in ignorance; I only conjecture. And yet that knowledge differs from true opinion is no matter of conjecture with me. There are not many things which I profess to know, but this is most certainly one of them.

MENO: Yes, Socrates; and you are quite right in saying so.

SOCRATES: And am I not also right in saying that true opinion leading the way perfects action quite as well as knowledge?

MENO: There again, Socrates, I think you are right.

SOCRATES: Then right opinion is not a whit inferior to knowledge, or less useful in action; nor is the man who has right opinion inferior to him who has knowledge?

MENO: True.


  1. Yeah, I get it.
    are you ever going to stop playing my therapist?

  2. :-)
    That makes two of us.

  3. Awww. I would've never imagined that. ;-)

    I love group.

    I say, run at the thing you fear.
    But then again, I'm good at getting into trouble.

  4. Group doesn't uncover the "reason" for repression.

  5. Group addresses a lot of issues: projection, boundaries, regression...

    What do you mean by the reason for repression?
    Something in the subconscious that needs to be uncovered? Or something in the present?

    Do you still do individual?

  6. Something in the subconscious that needs to be uncovered.

    In Freud's "system" neurosis is the result of a "trapped" memory (libidinally derived cathexis) that is "repressed" that unless "released", will continue to manifest abnormal symptoms and cause psychodynamic problems.

    Identifying the specific youthful (or other) memory source allows for its' necessary catharsis... it provides for a release of pent up psychic energies and is responsible for one's cure.

    And no, I no longer do "individual" therapy either. My therapist was an incompetent.

  7. Freud required all of his practitioners to "self-analyze". While reading his texts, I did as well. I believe I now know "why" my reaction to being hacked was paranoic. And no, I won't explain.

  8. Short of catharsis of the repressed memory, a "neurotic obsession" will remain psychodymanically active. This likely means a "lifetime" of medication.

  9. ...and btw, there never really is a "complete" catharsis... one will retain a mild, but accessible, obsession with the uncovered memory (and in the case of the inception of a "false memory by the therapist," a "new" obsession).

  10. And no, I won't explain.

    I wasn't going to ask.